Inside Our Factory

There are many advantages to using a local manufacturer, especially if there’s a issue during installation. “If there’s an issue, we have the factory and we can fix it right away,” Chartrand explains, adding that he’s never had an unsatisfied customer. “We’re not there to save money, we’re there for the quality.” Using mass-produced cabinets bought from a big box store or a factory out of town doesn’t bring with it the same guarantee of exceptional quality or servicing that using a local manufacturer does.

There’s no “pass the buck” mentality when a client deals directly with the designer and manufacturer of the product they are purchasing. As well, Chartrand can build to suit or custom-design the exact piece of wood-work the client wants; in fact, he thrives on intricate or tricky design elements. “We make the kitchen look like a piece of furniture” Chartrand says.